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Mous Blue Leather iPhone 11 Чехол Contour

39.99 €
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Our unique impact resistant material, AiroShock™ contains tiny air pockets and cross linking polymer chains that work like springs. Both the polymer and air pockets act together to absorb the energy of an impact, drop or shock and disperse it. Mous Contour iPhone 11 cases are extremely protective and shockproof whilst retaining a slim, sleek design.


The iPhone 11 Contour cases are made from poly-carbonate and TPU (used in riot shields)
The Contour cases are available in a variety of real leather backs
The leather of Contour Colour Edition cases are treated which makes them ultra-durable and stain resistant. 
Every Contour wrapped finish is applied with care, and tucked under the case edging to minimise wear and fraying of the high-quality material in case of impacts

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  • Модель
    iPhone X
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