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iPhone repair services in Riga

23.11.2017 Blog / News
Repairing IPhone in iServiss, you’ll get your smartphone examined and checked by experts with vast experience in Apple products.

Each of us can face the need to repair an iPhone at almost any time. The cause for the iPhone repair may be the appearance of cracks on the screen or case, damage caused by water, motherboard malfunction, issues with the touch screen or camera, sound or vibration failure in the phone, and more.

This compact and modern smartphone is capable of performing a great number of functions and is irreplaceable in modern life. In addition to the obvious damage, small and subtle defects appear on the device over time that may cause a serious malfunction in the future.

Therefore, in order to avoid serious issues with Apple products in the future, you must immediately take your phone to a specialised service that will guarantee the quality of the work and replacement of the components. To date, a large number of service centres in Riga are capable of repairing modern smartphones, but not every service centre can guarantee fast and quality work.

IPhone repair services in iServiss — a guaranteed examination and check of your smartphone by experts with vast experience in Apple products, who can solve tasks of any complexity. In addition, all service operations are performed only using the certified professional equipment.

Our specialised service provides a warranty for every service performed or part replaced. A 6-month guarantee is granted for the services provided.

Operating in the Latvian market for a long time and providing repair services for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices, iServiss is ready to offer its clients high-quality fast services at affordable prices. Therefore, if you’re having troubles with Apple’s smartphone, it’s better to trust real professionals to solve them — our specialised service centre.