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Buy Mavic Pro drone in Riga

23.11.2017 Blog / New items
The following trend can be distinguished in the Multicopter sector: manufacturers have begun to focus on small drone models. The portable drone versions have been designed and demonstrated by GoPro and another renowned manufacturer - Vantage Robotics.

One of the leading companies DJI has created its own model of a portable drone. In folded form, a model called Mavic Pro can fit in your palm. Its width and height are 8.3 cm, and the length is 19.8 cm. The drone’s weight is 743 grams. Its weight is half the weight of the main model – the Phantom 4.
The main functionality of the Phantom series was used to create the Mavic Pro model. The drone with an aerodynamic body can reach a speed of 64.3 km/h. The battery provides up to 27 minutes of flight.

In order to avoid obstacles during flight, the drone is equipped with the Flight Autonomy system consisting of sensors, 24 microprocessors and 5 cameras. In addition, the drone can also connect to GLONASS and GPS. With this system, the gadget can find various objects, autonomously land, and steadily operate even with no satellite signal.

The drone has a CMOS sensor installed. The viewing angle is 78 degrees. The gadget’s camera shooting speed is 30 frames per second. The gadget can shoot video in Full HD (1080p). The 12-megapixel camera for aerial photography is compatible with the Adobe DNG RAW format.

If you need to buy a drone in Riga, the best offer will be the Mavic Pro. By individual parameters, it is equal to full-size gadgets.

This drone knows how to do some tough tricks. With its computer vision, you can control it by using gestures. Just put your hands above your head and the gadget starts focusing on you.

Mavic Pro is the first DJI drone that doesn’t need a radio controller. The gadget works by remote control. You can also control the drone’s flight via a smartphone.

However, the drone still has a small controller with a display that shows basic characteristics such as distance, altitude, and velocity. You can access advanced flight control functions and a live camera mode after you connect your gadget to a mobile device.

Despite its small size and small weight, the drone Mavic Pro is much more interesting and functional than its competitors. Today, everyone is invited tobuy a Mavic Pro in Riga from our Online Shop.